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  • Parents/Carers:

    Y8 Parent Information Evening, Monday 17th September, 5.30pm - 7pm. We look forward to welcoming you.   

Deacon's School Trust

Thomas Deacon, born in 1651, was a local wealthy Wool Merchant and Philanthropist. Thomas Deacon became a Peterborough Feoffee in 1679. He was appointed as a Governor of the Town Estates in 1683. He owned a number of properties within the City and surrounding area, including the New Manor, Longthorpe (Longthorpe Tower) which he acquired in 1701. In 1704, Thomas was appointed High Sheriff of Northamptonshire, of which Peterborough was part of at the time. Thomas was married to Mary. Thomas Deacon died 19th August 1721 and is buried in Peterborough Cathedral.   Thomas Deacon’s Will dated 13th January 1719: Thomas Deacon’s Will made provision for the clothing and education of twenty poor boys in the City of Peterborough. They were taught to read, write and cast accounts. On leaving they were given a £10 indenture to provide them with apprenticeships in local skilled trade, thus establishing the link between Deacon’s School and the local economy. A group of Trustees, known as the Feoffees, administered the Trust. The Deacon’s School Trust are their successors.

For further information on the Deacons School Trust visit or follow the facebook page,