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Additional tasks/extra-curricular activities for all year groups - Summer 2020

This week the Royal Society celebrates science with its online Summer Science programme. Join the Royal Society for an exciting week of science streamed straight into your home, with talks and videos on subjects including the science of pets, doping in sports and Antarctica exploration, and some highlights from our favourite exhibits over the years. 

Whether you're keen to delve into the rich, 350-year-old archive to explore the legacy of the Exhibition and our historic artefacts, manuscripts and records, or want to tune in for our family friendly big Summer Science quiz (Monday 13th July, 6pm), complete with a round for younger viewers, there's something for all ages and interests. 

Don’t miss out on this free celebration of cutting-edge and historic science, all to enjoy at home.

For the full programme visit:

Visit the Royal Society’s You tube channel here:

Enjoy the Summer of Science.


Year 7 into 8 - Term 6:

Year 7 into 8 Science


Year 8 into 9 - Term 6:

Year 8 into 9 Science


Year 9 into 10 - Term 6:

Year 9 into 10 Science


Year 10 into 11 - Term 6:

In the guidance sheet you were given there is a mistake in the page numbers and I apologise for any confusion, to confirm you are still doing the lessons given but you may have noticed the workbook pages are incorrect.

Please see the website for the updated version or simply start on page 123 of the workbook and complete it until the end (page 133) for this terms work.

Also I would like to remind you there is a weekly 10 mark educake test to complete for each science.


Year 12 into 13 - Term 6: