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Flexible learning is achieved in our Academy in several ways:

  • Lessons last 60 minutes but a range of teaching and learning styles is encouraged to maximise student engagement.
  • Lessons can be split between the traditional classroom and our other outstanding facilities.
  • As students progress into Key Stage 4 they will be introduced to study periods in which they are encouraged to develop independence.
  • Learning can take place throughout the day from 8am until 6pm within the building and can be accessed from home via the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

Achievement and Progression

Achievement and progress for all are our top priorities and we set our students demanding, but achievable, inspirational target grades for all of their subjects. We keep their minds focused on these targets through personalised academic tutoring in i-connect but also ensure that students embrace the following learning principles:

  • I know what I’m learning and why
  • I know what good looks like and how to achieve it
  • I know how well I’m doing and what I need to do to improve
  • I know what my next steps are and how to take them
  • I see how the skills that I am learning in this lesson link to learning elsewhere

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