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Fair trade, for a fair future: global consumer conscience is a 3 year European schools project promoting a fair trade world. The project has been designed to explore and promote a shared understanding of social justice, interdependency and sustainability, demonstrating our moral commitment to a global issue.  

Schools from the UK (TDA), Austria, Denmark, Germany, Italy and Slovakia will participate in six transnational learning activities to plan and deliver the project over three years. Progress on the project will be shared on this page, so that our parents and visitors can follow us on our international journey.

Project objectives;

  • Challenge and increase understanding of the business world in Europe and beyond
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of good practice locally and internationally through research
  • Take action locally and internationally to inform consumers of the value of global cooperation through trade

Year 1 (15/16)

In November 2015 teaching staff from the partner schools met at Thomas Deacon Academy to plan the first year of the project. One of the first outcomes of the project was the website which was developed to provide a platform for project results and progress, visit

The first transnational student meeting took place in December 2015 in Dortmund, Germany. Students attending the meeting worked together to explore the concepts and ethics of fair trade and create a consumer behavior survey, with a view to undertaking the survey following the meeting. 

In March 2016 the second transnational meeting took place in Denmark. In this meeting students were required to present the results from the consumer behavior survey before collating all data to identify a baseline. Students used Sonderborg Statsskole as a model for undertaking a fair trade audit of home towns following the meeting.  

Year 2 (16/17)

In October 2016 teaching staff from the partner schools met at HTL Mossingerstrasse, Austria to evaluate the project progress at the end of year one and plan for year two. Further development of the website was agreed and videos produced by the Austrian students were shared.

January 2017 - Transnational meeting at Thomas Deacon Academy, UK

April 2017 - Transnational meeting at Ivan Bella Gymnasium, Slovakia 

Year 3 (17/18)

October 2017 - Teacher meeting at Instituo Magistrale Isabella Gonzaga, Italy

January 2018 - Transnational meeting at HTL Mossingerstrasse, Austria

April 2018 - Transnational meeting at Instituo Magistrale Isabella Gonzaga, Italy

Visit our gallery to see photographs taken throughout the project. Further images will be added as the project progresses.