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Food and Bedding urgently needed.

Fire at the Three Counties Kennels

19th January 2015

Food and Bedding urgently needed.

Donations to Simon Glenn T03


In the early hours of Sunday morning there was a fire in the offices of the kennels we use for Three Counties.

The kennels were not affected but tragically three of our dogs had been moved into holding kennels in the offices overnight for extra warmth and they perished while they slept from smoke inhalation.

We use the offices to store food and bedding and to meet prospective owners. They are not useable and we are looking to get a portakabin on the site and to furnish it so things can go on as normally as possible.

We would appreciate donations to help us do this and to replace the food that we had stored.

We also need to replace our stock of bedding so please contact me on 077085 89792 if you can help with this. Bedding can be left at Burghley Vets in St. Leonards St. Stamford and they will also be accepting donations there.


Thank you for all your support.

Simon Glenn T03