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  • Parents/Carers

    Year 7 Parents' Evening, Thursday 27th April, 4.30pm - 7pm. Please ensure your child books an appointment. We look forward to welcoming you...

Soke Relay cross country

After several weeks of training, nine Y5 students attended the annual Soke Relay cross country event. In teams of four, each student ran a mile individually, in relay style, before running a final mile as a team. The students performed incredibly well considering this was the first time they have competed in an event like this. The students demonstrated excellent team work skills along with sheer determination, supporting each other as well as cheering on other teams at the event.  Their behaviour was fantastic and a credit to the school which was commented on by other parents and marshals at the event. 

Peterborough Music Festival

Ten young pianists from the Junior Academy performed at the Peterborough Music Festival on 16th March. The week long festival, held at the Key Theatre, saw students from across Peterborough, Stamford & surrounding areas compete in a variety of instrumental, ensemble & choral classes. Eight of our Junior College pianists performed in the Elementary Class to a packed Studio,  delivering wonderful, well-rehearsed & accomplished performances. We gained six ‘Commended’ and two ‘Distinction’ certificates & were all thrilled when Aakash Patel in Year 5 was awarded overall winner of the class.

Children's University: Philosophy

Students worked with teaching staff from the Main Academy to explore Philosophy. The aim of the session was to enable the children to consider some of the Big Questions we have about the world, encouraging them to think outside of the box and question key concepts in a supportive and stuctured approach. Using a tool called Philosophy for Children the children were able to develop skills such as critical thinking and enquiry through a variety of different mediums.  .

The enquiry question for the session was; What is reality? This encouraged children to think about the world around them and, using key philosophers, allow them to come to their own conclusions about their understanding of the world. Students used their thoughts and conclusions to create a poem or image that was presented back in small groups.

Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh training

Twenty Duke of Edinburgh students attended a training expedition in the Peak District in March. The requirement of the award is that students must be self-sufficient for the duration of the expedition, meaning that they need to be able to pack and transport their clothes, food, sleeping bag and tent and carry this on the hike ready for setting camp back up at the end of each day.

The gold group covered the higher ground and the silver group covered the lower ground, walking between 12-16 km each day. On day one the students were reminded of hiking techniques such as orienteering their maps, taking compass bearings, tracking field boundaries and how to use the lay of the land to support them in staying on course. Day two saw the staff take a step back, allowing the students to lead the group and day three the students went out on their own, with staff sweeping the area to ensure each group was on track.

Stibbington: Study of Rocks

Y5 visited Stibbington Learning Centre to undertake a study of rocks. The students explored the variety, characteristics and permeability of rocks before learning how rocks, fossils and soils are formed. After carrying out their research, using scientific equipment, the students explored the village of Stibbington to identify the use of rocks in our environment. To support their learning the students were taught a song to remember the three types of rock and took part in some drama performances to remember the formation and erosion of rocks.

First Hand Primary Imagery

Y11 Art students visited Cambridge to support their GCSE exam project, ‘Beginning and/or end’. Students were able to interpret the project title in their own way, selecting their subject from museums and architecture to support their vision. Students visited the Fitzwilliam Museum (antiques and fine art), the Sedgwick Museum (fossils and bones) and the market square and Kings College for architectural drawing enabling them to produce first hand primary imagery.  


Archaeological Science

Year 8 visited Flag Fen to explore archaeological science. Working in groups, the students participated in archaeology and water testing workshops before exploring the Bronze Age site, complete with roundhouse and log boats.

In the archaeology workshop students discussed how artefacts may become preserved, leaving behind stories of historical times and the importance of retrieving and handling the artefacts with extreme care in order to maintain their potentially fragile condition. Students were then shown how to use specialist equipment to safely unearth the artefacts before taking to the soil to dig for their own historical treasures.

In the water testing workshop students water samples from the ponds, ditches and ritual causeway, an uncovered section of Bronze Age engineering preserved by the waters of the fens. Students then tested their water samples for acidity/alkalinity and any unexpected changes that may compromise the preservation of the site.

Brilliant Club

The ‘Brilliant Club’ scholars’ programme commenced last week with a visit to Nottingham University. Students participated in a study skills session and met their PhD tutor before receiving a tour of the university and its facilities. The day concluded with a reflective learning session which to support students in their academic learning.

World Book Day

The Academy celebrated World Book Day with every student receiving a book token that could be exchanged for a free book, while teaching staff from the English department dressed up to celebrate the day and decorated their classroom doors with pictures, extracts and references to some of their favourite books. We loved the costumes and the students certainly loved their new books.

American Association for the Advancement of Science

TDA6 students attended the AAAS annual conference in Boston, USA. The students spent three days at the conference where they were able to network with professionals and peers, attend lectures delivered by specialists and enhance their scientific knowledge. The conference focussed on the importance of basic research and the lectures included the development of Artificial Intelligence, CRISPER, a gene editing technique, the theory of learning and the conservation of Bees and understanding CCD in bees. In addition to the conference students received a tour of Harvard University and watched a local basketball match. This was a fantastic opportunity for our future scientists.

Castle Charity Football Tournament

As Castle Charity Week came to an end students participated in an Academy wide football tournament in one final push to raise monet for Anna's Hope. The astro was divided in to four mini pitches with approximately twenty teams (150 students) taking it in turns to grace the football pitch in an attempt to be crowned winners of the Castle Charity Football Tournament. Everyone was enthusiastically competing to be the winners, but at the end of the tournament The Black Panthers (Tychique Muendo, Mourad Chahid, Komal Stainton Smart, Efraim Co-Romanoes, Filip Murawski and Nasir Nabi) were crowned the winners. £120 was raised by the team organising this competition, well done to Yasin Hakim, Daveena Jassar, Fardeen Zulfiqar, Zulqurnain Adam, Usama Mubarak, Ahyaan Arif Aloo Raja, Sunil Singh, Areeb Hussain, Moiz Ahmed , Eesa Ali, Amina Fizza.



Y11 literature students enjoyed a performance of Macbeth followed by an interactive workshop delivered by Say Two Theatre Company in support of their GCSE study of Shakespeare. Students were able to follow the play they have been studying as it was performed embedding the knowledge gained over the last 18 mths. Following the performance, Say Two delivered a workshop on the delivery of a Shakespearean performance, enhance the message using gestures, language and expression.

To test their understanding of performing in the style of Shakespeare, students were invited to take part in a mini performance, sword fight and witches dance giving them the opportunity to put their learning in to practice. 

Active Planets

Y3 presented their topic work on Active Planets to parents/carers this week. Throughout this half term students have been exploring the Earth’s surface and the effects of tectonic plates in forming mountains, causing earthquakes and triggering the eruption of volcanoes. The children were excited and proud to be sharing their work and rightly so, they had done a huge amount of work on this topic including leaflets on well-known volcanic eruptions, videos on what a volcanic eruption may look like, models of volcanoes that actually erupt and colourful displays.