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  • Parents/Carers:

    KS2 Parents' Evening, Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st March 2019, 3pm - 7pm. We look forward to welcoming you.

What does ‘Able and Talented’ [A&T] mean?

At the Thomas Deacon Academy we use the following criteria to identify students to be placed on the A&T register.


Students with the potential to achieve at a higher level than majority of their peers in academic subjects.


Students who possess an exceptional nature or particular ability in art, music, sport or the performing arts and whose performance is considered to be outstanding. This can be as part of a TDA lesson, extra–curricular/enrichment activity or those participating and competing at a local, National or County level.

Inclusion on the Able and Talented Register is a flexible process which reflects the current needs and relative abilities of individual students. Students may move on and off the register as their circumstances change, but should we consider that the child’s needs are not best served by remaining on the register we will, of course, give parents the opportunity to discuss the decision with the subject leader. 

A&T events/activities:

The Quasar Programme has been developed for Y7 and Y8 students with the aim of increasing skills and confidence, helping A&T students to achieve at the highest level. Quasar runs from January to April and during the 12 week programme students are able to select projects to work on outside of the classroom. The Quasar programme is voluntary, enabling students to opt in to topics which interest them. Projects are delivered and monitored by subject specific teachers and the programme is managed by the Able and Talented Coordinator, Ruth Fehrenbach.  

Project Title Lead Teacher
Codebreaking Mr Baksh (Maths)
Waste and Sustainability Miss Norman (Arts & DT)
What Fairy Tales Tell Us About Our Lives Mrs Parkes (English)
Who Was Henry VIII's Best Wife? Miss Thompson and Dr Wiggin (History)
Shakespeare (Festival) Mrs Parkes (English)

A new project called Insight Peterborough commenced in 2016 providing opportunities for students across the city. The project is as result of a collaboration between the charity, The Brilliant Club and Cambridge University. The aim of this initiative is to introduce the concept of university to students at early age to broaden their aspirations. Throughout the academic year a PHD student will undertake four visits to the Academy, to work with a small group of Year 7 and 8 students identified as being academically able. Following each session the students will be required to produce work to university standard and this will be graded by Cambridge University.